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  GansMEDIA is the studio of Alex Gans, an award winning director & editor based in Los Angeles. It was created to not only display his work as an editor but showcase his work as a producer on projects both inside and outside his studio.

Originally from Miami, Alex got his start at The University of Montana where he pursued an MFA in Media Arts/Film eventually interning for VH-1, MTV and Nickelodeon. After graduate school he relocated to Los Angeles to work as editor on a pilot for Nickelodeon. After the pilot Alex landed a job as lead editor at Digital Workshop working on numerous short subject documentaries. Finding his passion in editing, Alex then worked for various post houses cutting trailers, sizzle reels and special features, eventually ending up as Senior Editor at Click Media, an award winning new media post facility working with clients such as Dreamworks, Warner Brothers and the Discovery Channel. During his time at Click he was able to work on high-profile titles such as Harry Potter, Madagascar, and Scooby-Doo.

Throughout the course of his career as an editor/producer, Alex has completed work on everything from feature films to sizzle reels. He helped build a video production department from the ground up for one of the largest Communication Service Providers in social networking and even designed a five projector edit on a 90 ft wall in NYC. Alex true passion is editing and producing which he has committed the last 15 years of his life pursuing. Recently Alex completed work on the feature film, Just Within Reach starring Estella Warren, Lenny von Dohlen and Tami Roman and is currently working on a horror film entitled, “The Axiom” starring William Kirchner.

Along with editing feature films, Alex has produced award-winning content through GansMEDIA and has the pleasure of working with such clients as Microsoft, Cedars-Sinai, Habitat for Humanity. 

Below are a few of my past and present clients.. 

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

From documentary features to launching campaigns, working in the visual medium is where my passion is. Here is a small collection of different mediums that I have worked across.









My goal is to collaborate with clients to create captivating stories that resonate with audiences.

I am an editor at heart, but this has led me down two other paths, directing and producing. Wether you need me to cut your upcoming feature or help you launch your next big campaign, my experience will bring a lot to the project.  My ability to build a crew and produce aesthetic, thought provoking subject matter is something that drives me. From creating the perfect workflow to assembling the pieces together to tell your story, I will always deliver engaging content .



Pre Production

After the idea is pushed forward I wil lay the groundwork to ensure a positive and productive workflow. Keeping a tight schedule I make sure the project is both realistic and cost effective without compromising quality.



Once a style is established that best tells the story, I assemble a team of creative specialists to bring the project to life. The team will have one focus, to complete the task at hand while providing a collaborative and professional environment.


Post Production

This is where it all comes together allowing the pieces of the puzzle to take shape. Whether you need editing, motion graphics or 3D work I can help achieve the look you need to tell the story that will captivate viewers.


From short subject to feature documentary, Behind the Scenes to featurettes, I will help you tell your story to the world. Wether you are looking for a seasoned editor to help craft your story or a whole crew to tackle your project, I can help.


Whether its going to broadcast or you are planning a large online campaign, I will help you develop the highest quality production to push your brand.


I can help you develop a piece targeted to the right audience with all the correct elements in place to help promote your brand. Wether you need a :30 sec teaser or a full featured spot I will collaborate with you to create the most engaging content possible.


Focusing on pacing and informative storytelling I know how to  keep viewers interested while relaying your message. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a start up, I will help get the information you need out there directed to the right audience.

Motion Graphics

If your story is meant to be told through motion graphics and/or animation, I have you covered.  After all there is a kid in all of us.


Wether its on a television or a 100ft wall I will create the best experience for your viewers. From multi-projector displays for your launch event to large scale video content for your presentation booth, I will create engaging content that is larger than life.


“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.” – unknown

The people that I choose to work with on projects are true creative professionals, masters of their trade. Each person knows what needs to get done to obtain the highest quality production possible. From cinematographers to re-recording engineers there is no project I can’t find the perfect crew to handle your needs, from pre through post. 


Looking forward to seeing how we can collaborate.

Please read below if you have been contacted regarding jobs. 



Feel free to contact me for your next project. I do my best to respond within 24 hours.

Please use email for fastest response.



Venice, Ca

contact (at) gansmedia (dot) com



A place to keep my images.

Just a collection of photos pertaining to the projects I am on and the passion I have for film/storytelling.