We can guide your project from concept all the way to post production and delivery. Our team of creative professionals are masters of their craft. We will create the perfect workflow for any project ensuring your projects are delivered on time with the highest production value. 

We offer a variety of services in all areas of video and film production.

Animated Videos, B2B videos, BTS, Branded Content, Brand Films, Case Study, Corporate, Commercials, Consulting, Crowdfunding, Documentary, Fashion, Film Production, Film Editing, Health and Wellness, Highlight Reels, How-To, Instructional, Law Practice, Live Event, Lifestyle Video, Motion Graphics, Pitch, Social Media Spots and Promos, Training Videos, Title Design, Trade Show, Vertical Videos, Video Editing, VFX


I love editing. I think I like it more than any other phase of film making. If I wanted to be frivolous, I might say that everything that precedes editing is merely a way of producing film to edit.
– Stanley Kubrick

With over 15 years editing professional content in film, broadcast and online, this is one strong area we offer. From feature films to commercials, we love nothing more than putting the pieces of the puzzle together. 

“I love Film Editors!  If they’re good that is and when I was in a time crunch on my last film, “Ginny” (a documentary on the widow of Henry Mancini) I knew from our last project together Alex Gans could do it.  Alex listens carefully to the director, he’s quick, creative, attentive to detail and most importantly stays with the story line.  No question he makes me look good…and our films are very good!  Yes, he is officially my one and only Film Editor for all future projects”.

Lisa Colburn, Red Fire Films

Besides being a consummate professional, Alex is a joy to work with. I’ve primarily worked with him on biography style videos and he has a keen eye for detail and accuracy as well as asking direct questions to bring out the best in the person being filmed. He offers an expert opinion of story-boarding concepts and is knowledgeable of ways to best capture the essence of whatever is being filmed and his editing skills help craft the ideal messaging points. Look forward to working with him in the future.

April Moore, Cedars-Sinai

I hired Alex for a production job where I needed him to find a very particular location and secure an entire crew. Alex was nothing short of relentless in his efforts to satisfy the needs of our end client. This was a difficult task, given the location and budget constraints. Alex worked around the clock to ensure that everything related our shoot would be as professional and buttoned up as possible.

Being out of state, I put a lot of trust in his ability to pull this off and I can honestly say that he nailed it. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of production services in LA!

Adam Levine, All Things Media

Alex is a talented and hard working guy – a real plus to have in your corner and on the team, but can operate in solo mode and still deliver. He is a creative force without drama or hot wind, just results.

Joe Gill, Mark Woollen & Associates

Alex is a very knowledgeable and creative editor. He’s a good guy to know.

Richard Levine, Cyberia Media

Working with Alex on my short film SHADES OF GRAY was an amazing experience. He brought a very mediocre “first cut” to a whole new level. He has a wonderful sense of both story and pacing. I would definitely work with Alex again.

Julie Koehnen, Ravenstorm Productions

Alex was a tremendous professor. He managed to explain editing in a clear way and it was easy to understand him since he used a great deal of examples to back-feed his knowledge. I really enjoyed learning his editing techniques. I will always recommend Alex as a professor.

Daniel Alvarez, College Student

Alex is a super detailed media creator. His work was complete and not over the top in effects and efficiency. I would recommend him to everyone.

Rick Olsen, Olson Visual